South East Brisbane Anaesthesia Service


We are a small Brisbane based, group of specialist anaesthetists who strive to give the best in patient care.

  • All our anaesthetists are highly skilled medical specialists who are trained to carefully look after you during your surgery.
  • To become an anaesthetist in Australia, your anaesthetist has first graduated from medical school, and then after completing an internship,and two years residency has undertaken a period of at least 5 years of training.
  • During this time they learned how to provide anaesthesia, as well as how to control pain both during and after surgery, and how to manage acute resuscitation and how to treat medical emergencies.
  • Australia is one of the safest countries in the world for anaesthesia care.
  • Your anaesthetist will be with you the entire time of your operation and monitoring you closely.
  • We aim to keep overheads down and pass the savings onto our patients.